20 November 2012

Where's the Baby?

I guess it would be more appropriate to say, "Where's the two-year-old boy?"  Most night we tuck Finn in and leave him in his bed with a book or something to occupy him until he falls asleep.  For the past however long though, when we've gone in to check on him hours later before going to bed ourselves we find him either scrunched in a small portion of his bed because the rest of it has been overrun by his toys,  or because the toys have backed him "into a corner":

 You may have also noticed his penchant for moving his pillow and using it as a sort of blanket.  I have no idea what that's about.  But I may have some idea where Finn got the idea of going to bed with as many toys in his bed as possible from:
I love that not only does Deacon have stacks of books and a puzzle in there, but he also fell asleep on with a mask that he made at school during his class' Halloween party.  His face and hair were SO sweaty under that thing, it was so gross, but so cute at the same time.  Oh, Sweet Dee Dee and Mr. Finn-tastic.  What would we ever do without you boys?
And just in case you're wondering if Zeke has any sleeping quirks, I'll tell you quickly that he really doesn't.  Except for the fact that he's usually smiling in his sleep when we check on him.  Ah, to be so happy all the time.  I love these boys!

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