09 November 2012

Two Days of Toothy Drama

I know I tweeted about this a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd go ahead and tell the story today about when Zeke lost his first tooth.  Well, for realzies lost his first tooth.  He had a tooth pulled a few years ago by the dentist, but this one fell out on its own because it was time.  Wa-hoo!
On the 18th of October, Zeke got off the bus after school, and stopped in front of the bus (he was crossing the street) and said, "Mom! I have a wiggle tooth!" He showed me, then burst into tears! Not entirely sure what happened, I moved him out of the middle of the street and to the table at the playground.  I explained to him why we lose our teeth and how he's going to be getting a new one and it's something that happens to every single person as they grow up.  This made him feel better (this also made him ask when his first missing tooth would grow back, but I have no idea when that'll be), but the wiggling had him a bit freaked out I think because every 10 minutes he'd run back up to me and ask me if his tooth was ready to come out yet.
Try as we did all evening, Zeke's tooth just wasn't ready that Thursday to come out, and it was an emotional evening (and following day) for my sweet boy.  He cried at dinner because he was afraid it was going to come out while he was eating and hurt a lot.  He cried when I put him in bed because he was afraid it was going to fall out and he was going to swallow it while he was sleeping.  He cried the next morning because he didn't want to lose it at school.  He cried when he came home from school on Friday because he did want to lose it at school instead of at home.
Alas, coming out at school was not this tooth's destiny.  While getting the boys ready for bed Friday night, Josh tied a bit of dental floss around the wiggle tooth and POP! pulled the thing right out, easy peasy.  Josh then said, "This is probably the single greatest parenting moment I've had so far!"  He was pretty pumped to be the one to pull out the first tooth.

And now, my sweet boy has a sweet smile that looks like this:

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