03 November 2012

Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet!

Since Hurricane Sandy swept through here Monday-Tuesday, making it unsafe to be out of our houses until Thursday or so, trick-or-treating on post was postponed until last night.  And what a night it was - cold and windy.  For the first time in Halloween history though (for our family anyway), Josh was actually home to take the boys trick-or-treating! This meant I got to stay inside where it was nice and warm and hand out candy, while Josh walked around with the Super Hero Squad.
Initially, our boys had wanted to dress up as members of the Avengers for Halloween.  Zeke was going to be Captain America (he's ALL about America, and the flag, and such), Deacon was going to be Thor (he's ALL about his hammer - has been for years), and Finn was going to be the Hulk (he's ALL about "hulking out" whenever he gets angry).  However, when it came time to actually ordering their costumes online (apparently I waited too long and the stores had nothing left when Zeke and I went to check it out two weeks before Halloween) they all changed their minds. 
Now we're all like, "Avengers who? We've got the Justice League rolling up in this piece!"  Zeke started the trend by changing his mind first.  As we were looking online for Captain America, he saw Batman and was adamant about being the Caped Crusader.  When Deacon heard that Zeke had changed his costume, he wanted to know what other options there were for him, and he was super pumped to see Green Lantern show up.  And since we changed the big two I figured we might as well change the little man, especially since he was (at that time) running around, jumping with his fist in the air, yelling "Super hero!". Thus, his costume was changed to Superman.
Besides our 3 boys, Josh was joined by Thomas (the boys' BFF here) who was dressed as Captain America, and Thomas' mom, Kris.  After they went around our street, Josh dropped off Finn, excuse me, Josh dropped off Superman, Kris went home to warm up, and Josh took the 3 remaining boys around a few blocks over.  After about an hour of trick-or-treating, the boys came home very excited about the fun they had, not to mention all the candy they collected.  And did they ever collect a lot of candy.  Between the 3 of them, they made out like a bunch of banditos.
I'll be bouncing off the walls on a major sugar rush through Thanksgiving.  Oh! I mean THEY'LL - THEY'LL be bouncing off the walls on a major sugar rush through Thanksgiving.  Ahem, yeah.

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