12 November 2012

This Kid is a Riot

Oh, Deacon.  How you make us laugh.  The things this kid says/sings keep us constantly cracking up.  Much like his father, Deacon LOVES to make up songs.  Unfortunately most of his best work happens in the shower, so those are videos that I'm not going to share.  You'll just have to trust me that they are amazing.  Songs about anything from God to the Hulk, pirates to his brothers.
Deacon is also a storyteller.  "The other night at dinner he made up a story that went like this.  "Once there was these chickens on a farm and they were hungry.  So they went to the door of the house and "bawked" (you know, the sound chickens make) at the farmer until he fed them.  Then the chickens went and looked at the horse.  The end."  That was short one.  Sometimes he'll go on for 5 or so minutes.
My favorite though, are the his responses to his surroundings, or the little things he says here and there.  I'll leave you with a few examples:
Before the power went out when the hurricane swept through, the lights flickered for a quick second.  When Zeke asked, "What was that?" Deacon replied, "I think I just closed my eyes for a second."
The other night Deacon and I were chatting in his bedroom while he was waiting for Josh to come in and pray with him.  When Josh arrived he asked Deacon what he and I were talking about and Deacon answered, "Oh, you know.  Halloween costumes and all kinds of ninjas."  Deacon then proceeded to talk to Josh about Halloween costumes and all kinds of ninjas.
One day the boys were joking around asking what this color plus that color equals, and were getting really silly with it.  When Josh got home from work Zeke asked him, "Hey Daddy.  What does orange plus brown equal?" (or something like that).  Josh answered, "Gurple."  Zeke said, "What?!" and then Deacon said quite matter-of-factly, "He said 'purple' in Spanish."
And finally, the other night we were eating dinner when Josh asked Deacon something.  Deacon pointed to the middle of his forehead and said, "Let me ask the brain."  He waited a few seconds then said rather happily, "The brain says yes, because the brain can actually talk."  Then he got real serious and said, "No.  No.  The brain cannot talk."  Josh and I almost fell out of our chairs. 
Okay, it's probably not as funny reading them as it is hearing him say them and seeing the faces he makes as he says them, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  The kid is a riot.

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