07 November 2012

Back to the Table!

I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that we carved our pumpkins a bit early this year, because we wanted to do it when Josh was actually around for a weekend in October.  Since we carved them early, they sort of molded early, and had to be thrown away before Halloween.  This made the older 2 quite sad, so I went and bought new pumpkins for the kids at the commissary and on Halloween afternoon we painted them.
(I did think about carving them again, but decided I really didn't want to do that without backup.  Plus the boys were already going crazy from "surviving the super scary storm", and from not having school the days leading up to Halloween.  Hence, we painted.  And oh, what fun we had!)
The boys, as you can see, were super into this and had a really great time.  I was happy as it kept them occupied happily for quite a bit of time.  And the mess afterwards wasn't too bad.  Certainly not nearly as bad as I had mentally prepared for beforehand anyway.  Even if the mess had been worse, it was worth it as the new pumpkins looking absolutely fabulous when we put them outside on Friday for the trick-or-treaters to see.
And thus ends our Halloween pumpkin saga of 2012, told now in 3 parts.

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