05 November 2012

To the Table!

The same day that we went out and picked our pumpkins, we later carved said pumpkins.  It really was a good "family day", and even though it was a bit early in the month to carve the pumpkins (they molded and had to be tossed before Halloween), we still had a great time.

First, Josh cut the pumpkins open:

Then I scooped the goop, while Deacon helped by sorting out all of the pumpkin seeds from the goop:

Then Josh carved the pumpkins per the boys' instructions:

As I later cleaned up, I also baked the pumpkin seeds (yum!):

What about Mr. Finn you might be asking? Well, he sat at the table and colored his little pumpkin (and himself) while everything else was going on:

 And it all turned out super well in the end:

All in all, a very good day.

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