23 November 2012

Every. Single. Night.

Every night when it's time to put the boys in bed, Finn gets it in his head that he does NOT want his blanket in bed with him.  It's as if either he and his blanket got into a fight 3 seconds before bed time and they are SO fighting, or that he's thinking he wants to be a big boy and sleeping with a blanket is such a baby thing to do he wants nothing to do with it.  Either way, every night he freaks out, "NO! NO BLANKET!" So, every night we put his blanket into his wardrobe, so it's out of sight.  He used to put it outside his bedroom door and then close the door but I put an end to that when he'd go to bed without it then cry 10 minutes later because he wanted it back and can't open his bedroom door by himself.  Hence, into the wardrobe with the blanket we go every night. And every night, just as I'm getting ready to close the door, he changes his mind and decides he DOES want his blanket after all.  Not only does he want his blanket, he wants it directly on top of him - not on top of the blanket he already has on top of him, but under that blanket, directly touching him so he can link his little fingers into it and snuggle down for the night.

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