14 November 2012

This Kid Is a Mess

When I picked up Deacon from school on Monday he spent the entire car ride telling me about his morning. He was pretty happy and bubbly until he came to the part of his morning where he went to the book fair.

You see, the book fair is at their school this week and each class gets a time slot to go down, check things out, and if the kids have money, buy something. So Deacon's class went Monday and when he got to that part of his day he said, in a pathetically sad voice, "Then my class went to the book fair, but I could not buy anyfing because I had no money for buying books." He followed that up with a big sigh.

Knowing his class was going back to the book fair today, I gave Deacon $10 to buy a book. Twice before, twice after, and once more when I put the money in his pocket I told him he had $10 in his pocket so he could buy 1 book at the book fair. That's 5 times y'all, 5 times I told him he has money, how much money he has and how many books he could get.

Therefore, you can probably imagine my surprise when, around 11:00 I got a call from the school. The ad min said Deacon's class went to the book fair and Deacon was crying because he had no money to buy a book with. What?! I told the ad min he had $10 in his pocket and she had my permission to retrieve it herself from his pocket so he could buy himself a book. Apparently there were more tears when he realized he had enough money for only 1 book, and then further disappointment when the book he wanted most sold out between his being there the first time today and his being there the second time after his money was found.

Of course, I blame myself as I did think to myself as I packed his lunch this morning, "Maybe I should write a note to his teacher and put it in his folder saying that he has $10 in his front right pocket to buy 1 book at the book fair with." But I then thought, "Surely he's excited enough by this that he'll remember." Sigh.

There is a happy ending to this tale of woe though. By the time I picked Deacon up, his money had been found, he picked out his second favorite book there and was quite the happy boy.

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