13 November 2012

Best Story Time Yet

Every Tuesday morning Finn and I go to the local library for "Tales and Tunes for Tots" - it's a 45 minute long story time with songs mixed in and a craft at the end.  The group we're in is made up of 2-3 year olds.  Most mornings I leave there wondering why I keep bringing him back, and wondering at the seemingly infinite level of patience the librarian who does the story time has.
See, there are these 2 boys in the group who do. not. sit down at. all.  They spend almost the entire 45 minutes running around, standing right in front of the book, running some more, leaving the room, etc, etc.  The one is there with his grandmother and for her part, she tries.  She brings things to try and get him to sit still but the other boy is with his mother who does very little to try and keep him in line.  Last week they were so out of control that at one point they literally ran right into each other.  Today however, today they weren't well behaved, but they were SO much better.  That or I've gotten good at ignoring them.
So the boys were good.  There were also fewer kids there today, so that probably helped a bit too.  But I think the best part was seeing Finn actually go up and sit by the librarian so he could see the book better.  Every other week he sits with me in the semi-circle the parents make around the room, and just listens.  Or sometimes he climbs on me like I'm a jungle gym, but at least he's quiet and not bothering anyone else. But today he went and sat with the girls (they're really the only ones who sit nicely up there). He's in the yellow shirt:
Also adding to the fun today was that the craft we did was really cute.  Usually it's a color, cut and glue sort of thing that almost immediately winds up in the trash when we get home, but today we made these cute apple turkeys:
As you can see, Finn was pretty excited by it too.  Actually, I think he was more excited about the candy he got to eat while I made the "feathers", but he actually sat at the table the entire time instead of bailing halfway through, leaving me to finish it quickly (not sure why I bother when I know where it's going to end up), gather our stuff, help him stamp his hand (he LOVES that part), and get out before he's gone without me.

But speaking of his craft and where it ends up, the very first day we went, just as I finished glueing his craft together, he took it from me and put it right into the garbage.  I fished it out and said, "That's probably where it's going to wind up, but let's wait until we get home before we do that."  The only father in the group overheard and started cracking up.  And now my stories are done and so I'm going to pull a Deacon and without any sort of "formal" wrap-up I'm just going to say, "The End."

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