02 November 2012

To the Patch!

In the middle of October, we took advantage of Josh actually being home for a full weekend last month and went pumpkin picking. Like last year, we went to Alstede Farms. Unlike last year, we went first thing in the morning and that worked out really well. Fewer people, WAY shorter lines, etc. It was a very enjoyable morning. Even if it was a wee bit cooler than it would've been later in the day.  Anyhoo.
While Josh bought the tickets for the hayride to the pumpkins, the boys climbed the hay tower. I went up too as Finn needed help. Coming down was super exciting as Finn insisted on being held on the way down.  Jumping down a hay bale mountain while holding a 35ish pound 2 year old, is not an easy task.  But we made it down, just as Josh had finished buying tickets.
After the tickets were purchased, we checked out some of the livestock hanging out around the place. The boys were super excited to see the sheep, ponies, and donkeys.
Then it was hayride time!
The pumpkin patch was full of pumpkins of all sizes, and so many crazy gourds.  Sadly, there weren't any small gourds like last year. But we did find some great pumpkins.  Finn only tripped over the vines a couple of times, which was much better than last year too.
After picking our pumpkins and taking the hayride back, Josh paid for the pumpkins while the boys ran through the hay tunnel.  Not my favorite thing.  It was long, and dark, and curved a little so you couldn't see all the way through from one end to the other.  The boys did well going in and out and in and out, until Finn decided he was done and tried heading back across the parking lot street (a little bit of pavement separating two parking lots) by himself.  Thankfully the crossing guard stopped him as I spotted him making his escape.  So, note to self: no tunnels when you're severly outnumbered.

Then it was time to head back home with our pumpkins and donuts (SO STINKIN GOOD!).  We had lunch, and the boys took some really good naps.  I guess spending a good portion of the morning outside, running around a farm is good for wearing out little boys.  And writing about it all is good for wearing out Mommy.  I'll finish writing about this day, another day.

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