05 September 2012

Fishy Fun

As some of you may or may not know, we got some fish the other weekend. Five fish to be exact. Happy, Spotted, Ezekiel, Watson, and Davy Jones. Unfortunately the day after we got them, Happy and Spotted died.

This past weekend, we got 3 new fish to replace the 2 dead fish. I guess Josh figured at least one was bound to die again so he erred on the side of extra? Well, all 3 are still alive and seem to be doing pretty well.

Meaning, we now have Spotted 2:

Happy 2 (whose is very tiny and guarded closely by Watson apparently):

And our 6th is Laurence FISHbourne, or Larry as I like to call her (yes, Zeke decided that fish is a girl):
My apologizes for the fuzzy pictures. Apparently new tanks get cloudy and stay cloudy for a few weeks or so. And, is it my imagination, or is Ezekiel growing a mustache?

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