10 September 2012

This Grass Might Actually Be Greener

Towards the end of last school year, Deacon's glass grew little bowls of grass.  He was super proud of his grass, especially when we planted it in one of our garden plots in our front yard.  And the more it grew, the more proud of it he got.
Then one day, the company that does the landscaping here came by and cut down everything we had growing in that one plot.  We had carrots, lemon basil, and, of course, Deacon's grass growing in that plot.  Josh was furious about the carrots, and Deacon was SO sad about his grass.  Every night for a week he prayed that God would grow his grass back quickly because the man came and cut it.
Eventually, it did grow back, as grass is wont to do.  We called housing and they told the guys not to cut anything in that plot because we have carrots growing.  My neighbor came out and explained in Spanish NOT to cut that plot because of the carrots and Deacon's grass.  But a few weeks later, once Deacon's grass got a few inches tall, they came buy and cut. it. down. again.  Oh yeah.  I have a picture but I can't find it right now.
So, this past week, I noticed the grass was growing back again, and I really didn't want it getting cut down a 3rd time, so as the guys were cutting my neighbors' lawns, I did this:

I took some of the rocks from the outside of the plot as a whole, and from the tree in front of our yard, and I made a little "rock fence" around the grass, so they wouldn't go over it with the weed whacker again.  And on that day, it worked.  The guys came, the guys cut, the guys left, and the grass was still there.
So, you can imagine my surprise and my absolute ANGER when yesterday I was checking on the gardens after having been gone Friday and Saturday at the Women of Faith conference in Philly (hence no blogging those days or yesterday as I was exhausted from it), and I saw this:

The guys came back later in the week and PULLED THE WHOLE PLANT OUT! I saw this after an incredibly rough and stressful day, so when Josh called to see why I texted him that I was angry, I actually started crying when I told him what had happened. (Side story: as I stood there on the phone crying, Finn came over, rubbed my tummy and said, "It's alright.  It's alright."  Sweet boy.) Needless to say, Josh was not happy either.
This morning I called housing again and lodged another complaint against these guys and told housing the whole story, from beginning to end.  The housing lady I spoke with was angry too.  She asked me to email her the pictures of his grass and of the hole, so I did.  She then forwarded them to the supervisor of the company and told him the story.  She said he was appalled and couldn't believe his guys would do that, then asked what sort of grass it was so he could replace it as closely as possible.  I said it was grass, and that he probably wouldn't notice any difference as he's only 5.  Shortly after we finished eating lunch, I got the call that the grass had been replaced.  I went out and saw this:
I think that grass is WAY bigger and brighter than Deacon's original grass.  He's thrilled it's there again.  I'm happy they fixed it, and that my boy is happy with it.  Now let's hope none of it happens again.


Megan said...

The lawn guys are really terrible. They weed whacked the fencing I had around my garden and completely destroyed it. :(

Ells said...

what a story!!!!!