06 September 2012

Mah Baayyy-baaaayyyyys!

Today was Zeke and Deacon's first day of school (finally). You guys, my boys are growing up WAY too fast.  Also, as much as I complained about summer vacation being a few days too long, as I walked the boys to the bus this morning, it suddenly felt like summer went way too fast.  Here are our first day of school pictures:

That's Zeke on the left, all ready for first grade (first grade?!).  Then there's Deacon all set for kindergarten. 
They both had good days at school.  I won't talk about the bus today.  It's too late in the evening for me to get angry again.  Maybe another day if it doesn't get better.  ANYHOO...
Deacon's wrap-up of kindergarten went like this: "Mrs. S is great.  But some of the kids called out and didn't stay in their places."  I think we need to start calling him The Enforcer.  He really likes to boss people around, making sure they're following the rules. Zeke's wrap-up was, "Mrs. V didn't yell at me.  I listened to her and she smiled at me."  He's such a sweet boy.
However, those 2 aren't the only 2 getting bigger.  Mr. Finn has grown quite a bit this summer.  I had to change out his 3T pajamas for his 4T ones (he's not even 2 1/2 yet).  Now, in defense of his pajamas I'm fairly certain they mis-size those things.  It's always been my theory, and this just solidifies it in my head.  But the point is, now he's wearing these: 

And yes, he is actually on the phone (with his daddy), while sipping his juice.  Big boy indeed.

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Aubrey Lynn said...

They all look so handsome! Glad the boys had a good first day of school. Interested to hear about the bus...
~"Aunt" Aubrey :)