04 October 2012

Of All the Places!

Sorry for the break in posting there.  Josh actually had a few full weeks at home.  But he's gone again now, for practically the entire month of October, so buckle up because there's going to be a pretty steady flow of posting coming at you.
I'm starting with Back to School Night.  A few weeks ago we went to B2SN at the boys' school.  It's always nice to hear good things about your kids. Apparently both boys are adjusting well, and doing great things in school already.  Both teachers seem really nice and I'm excited to see how this year goes.
I think I posted this in the first day of school post, but when I picked up Deacon after his first day of his school, his report of the day was that "kids called out and didn't stay in their places."  I bring this back up because when we were talking to Zeke's teacher she said that on the first day Zeke was SO EXCITED to be back at school that he had a hard time staying in his seat and kept calling out.  Deacon would have been SO embarrassed if he knew his own brother was behaving in the manner he found so abhorrent in his classmates.
By far the funniest thing we saw that evening though was a display outside of Deacon's class.  It was labeled "Oh the Places You Will Go" and there were pictures of each kindergartener and they named a special place they went over the summer.  A bunch of kids had Hershey Park on their carts, one kid had China (whaaat?!) and Deacon, well, Deacon put this:
The commissary?! Really, Deacon?! THAT'S the special place you went over the summer?  Oh son, you are a funny kid.
In speech news, we met up with Zeke's speech therapist and she was amazed at how much his speech improved over the summer.  Of the 7 goals she has for him for the year, he's already mastered 4 of them!  I also got a call this morning from the school's speech pathologist who let me know that Deacon needs a little help with his phonetic skills, so she'll be taking him (and a few other kids from his class) out of class for 20 minutes a day to work with them for as long as they need it.
Otherwise, both boys are loving school.  Deacon was so pumped to have homework the other day he insisted on doing it as soon as he got home.  He wouldn't even eat lunch first.  Zeke, on the other hand, is all, "I'll wait until you're making dinner to do it."  And I'm loving having Deacon in school.  This past week he's walked to bus stop with me, holding my hand the entire time, instead of running ahead like the other boys do.  And when I pick him up, each and every day, he runs and tackles me, saying rather excitedly, "MOMMY! I was missing you today!"  Really makes a girl feel good ya know.
But now my oldest is asking me to sit and read with him, so I'm going to go ahead and take him up on that.  Especially since the other boys are playing elsewhere in the house rather nicely.  Toodle-pip y'all!

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