10 October 2012

First World "Problems"

Two Saturday evenings ago we were getting the boys ready for bath/shower time. Josh had the younger 2 in the tub, and I had Zeke in my room, waiting to take a shower. While Zeke and I were hanging out, Josh came in and asked me to turn off the shower because he was having a hard time getting the water in the tub warm. I told him I hadn't turned on the shower yet as I usually wait until he turns off the tub water since Zeke's showers take 1/3 of the time the other boys' bath takes. So I then sat in the bathroom with the boys in the tub while Josh went down to check on the water heater. Which, looked like this:
Oh yeah! So we got the boys out I the tub, told Zeke to just put on his pajamas (which he just could not understand), and then Josh called housing. One of the maintenance guys came by, took a look, and said he'd be back in the morning with a new water heater for us.  However, this meant no showers before church in the morning.
Now, rather than using this opportunity to focus on and pray for those in other places who don't have clean water to drink, let alone bathe with, I grumbled about dirty I was and how there was NO WAY I was going to go chapel without having showered (of course, my last shower had been Friday morning, so I was feeling a little extra dirty).  I was thankful it happened before Josh left so he was home to help deal with it, but I was cranky that it happened at all.
I did go to chapel that Sunday though.  We all did, except for Josh, who stayed home to help the maintenance guy remove the old heater and install the new one.  It took the whole morning, and a small portion of the afternoon, but by the time nap time was over Sunday afternoon, we had hot water again!
There's just one thing.  The water isn't getting "hot enough".  It's hot, don't get me wrong, but here I go again with my first world problems - it's not hot enough.  I turn the shower knob all the way up and it's not enough.  I like my showers HOT.  We keep the house kind of chilly at night and so I like to get in a shower that is going to warm me up right to my bones.  This new heater isn't doing that.  So now I have to call housing again to have them come out and adjust the thermostat by the new heater.  But I sort of feel like a brat because, hey, at least I have hot water, right?  Sigh.  Me and my first world "problems".

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