05 October 2012

This Is Why We Had Icepops Tonight

So as I was picking up Deacon from school today, Zeke came out of the stairwell nearest the front office crying, with blood smeared all over his face. Apparently he fell in the "boy's bathroom upstairs" (his wording) and busted his lip.  The school nurse told him he was a lucky boy to have his mommy there when it happened to help him feel better quickly.  She's very sweet - we like the school nurse here very much. 
However, due to his body overheating with all the excitement, and with him getting himself all kinds of worked up, Zeke broke out in a little rash all over, so the nurse sent him home with me, saying that I had to take him to the doctor and get a note saying he's okay to return to school - that the rash isn't anything contagious. But of course, he calmed down and the splotches were gone by the time we got home. So then I was a little bent out of shape at the prospect of having to take him to the doctor's that night (because by that point in the day an evening appointment would most likely be all I would be able to get) for a "rash" that no longer existed.
Not wanting to deal with that, I called the school nurse back and explained how the splotches were gone.  She agreed that it was probably just an "anxiety rash" but protocal says if a rash shows up, the child has to be seen and cleared by a doctor.  After a few minutes of discussion (I don't want to make you go out there for nothing, but I sort of have to) the nurse said not to take him today and she'll check him again Monday.  Sweet! But, if anything happens, or if it shows up again before Monday, I'm not allowed to send him to school, and then I'll have to take him to see the doctor.
Oh, the fun we have when Josh is away!
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Anonymous said...

Poor boy! Poor Mommy! Ice pops and ice cream are good " medicine" . Hope the rest of the month goes better.