05 March 2011

Wow, Ten Months Already

Finn is 10 months old today. That's so crazy. Here's a little bit of what the little man has been up to lately.

On February 16th, Finn had two new teeth break through. For awhile it was tough getting a good picture of them, hence the reason I didn't post about it 2 weeks ago when it happened. But now they are there and easy to see. And easy to grind apparently. It's been funny watching him as they came in and he started to realize they were there.

Finn is still quite the happy baby, but he will make this face if he feels he isn't getting enough attention/being held enough/just wants some sympathy.

I'm not sure it really works out well for him most of the time.

No sooner did I write this post about how Finn interrupts my time with Deacon, then he decided to up his game by figuring out where I don't want him to be/climb up on, then go ahead and be/climb there. This forces me to get up and walk away from Deacon, so I can pick Finn up and place him down somewhere else. And repeat. Poor Deacon. (Of course, if Deacon would just start using the toilet we wouldn't have this problem, but that's another post entirely.) Finn's diaper changing time has also started taking longer to get through as he no longer likes to lay nicely while I'm changing him. Finn likes to take this time to demonstrate what a fantastic and wiggly contortionist he is. Thus, wrangling him into a diaper has become a challenge in and of itself.

Also challenging now, is trying to get Finn to eat a decent dinner. Ever since he got sick a few weeks ago, he has been a bear to try and feed at dinner time. He doesn't seem to like the jar baby food anymore so we're lucky if we can get 5 spoons of it him. He winds up wearing most of it. On top of that, he's become so fickle about solid foods. Last week he LOVED macaroni and cheese. This week, he wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Last week he loved beef vegetable soup (drained, so he just ate the meat and veggie chunks). This week, all he'll eat is the meat. As per Linda's suggestion yesterday I gave him a piece of toast, which he devoured. But who knows how long that will last for? All he seems to want at dinner are frozen peas and his baby puffs. Not really a substantial meal, if you ask me.

But what makes dinner even more fun, if you can even believe that it does, in fact, get more fun, is that he has started pulling his hair when he's had enough of what we're trying to give him. This is good "fun" because by this point his hands are usually covered with food and drool and what's-it, all of which then wind up in his hair and on his head and all over his face. I think he does this because he LOVES bathtime so much, he figures if he gets dirty enough at dinner we'll be forced to give him a bath. (That's probably not the case at all, but it makes it all a little more endearing.)

Finn drools. A lot.

Finn squeals quite appropriately when you "tackle" him and "wrestle" with him on the floor.

Finn is also a pretty vocal baby. Besides "cat", Finn says "Dadadadada" for "daddy" and "mum" for "mom" (he likes to pretend he's British sometimes...but who doesn't?). He also says "baa baa" for "bottle" and "bah bah" for "banana". They're very similar, but it's definitely two different "a" sounds, just like the sounds they make in the words they are in. Umm...did that sentence make sense? I know you know what I mean.

Moving on (quickly). Finn loves to be where his brother are, even if they don't always enjoy having him there. He is everywhere at once, and knee deep into everything. He keeps us on our toes for sure. Much like Zeke at this age, Finn enjoys a good snuggle. Much like Deacon (still), Finn loves his blankie.

This makes me feel good since I made it.

You know what else makes me (and let's face it, everyone else) feel good?

This kid and his fabulous smile. It really has been a good 10 months.

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