24 February 2011

Puke Puss

Finn got sick again this past weekend. He woke up around 3:20 Sunday morning, crying. I changed his diaper, put him back in bed, and went back to bed myself, only to hear him crying again 5 minutes later. I got up again, fed him a bottle and we both went back to sleep a little after 4am. By 4:10am he was crying. Again. After an hour of soothing, rocking, singing, etc I finally got him back in bed. Five minutes later he was crying again. This time Josh got up with him. After another little bottle, Josh put Finn back in bed then took a shower. While he was in the shower Finn got all kinds of upset again so I got up and we laid down together on the futon in Finn's room. Josh went to Walmart (we needed some kind of pain reliever for Finn, since I was banking on the pain being from his teeth). Eventually, finally, whateverly, around 8am, Finn threw up. On Josh. He seems to be Finn's target. Once Finn threw up though, he was able to rest easier - so long as he was resting on me.

Therefore, Finn and I did not go to church on Sunday. Josh went with the bigger boys, while the little one and I stayed home and just hung out. After throwing up and getting some good sleep, Finn seemed to be doing better. He was sort of "off and on" the next two days, and by dinner time on Monday, he was getting cranky and icky again. He didn't throw up again, but he refused to eat and just wanted to sleep on me again. (Not that I mind that part terribly, of course.) We finally got him to bed Monday night, and when he woke up Tuesday morning, he was perfectly fine and good to go. Josh, on the other hand, was so worn out from it all that he was a bit on the happy side to go back to work on Tuesday.

So, here's what I think happened. I think Finn had a double ear infection. I think the double ear infection caused him so much pain that he couldn't sleep, and it was the pain that caused him to throw up Sunday morning. At some point on Sunday I think his left ear ruptured, releasing some of the pressure, causing him to feel somewhat better. I think this because Sunday afternoon there was a bunch of earwax in his left ear, and it looked sort of clogged, like I couldn't see all the way down his ear like I could on the other side. Come Monday evening, I think the right side was starting to really get to him, which is why he stopped eating, and just wanted to snuggle. Tuesday morning, if you remember, he woke up good to go. My guess is that at some point Monday night/Tuesday morning, Finn's right ear ruptured, releasing the rest of the pressure and pain, along with a bunch more earwax (you can see some of the spots of wax on his bedsheet).

By then end of Tuesday, both ears looked pretty good, if still a little bit waxy. But then, he's always been a bit of a wax head. So, there you have it. And Josh gave Finn a big kiss Sunday morning and said, "I'm not afraid of your puke puss" which is where the title of this blog post comes from. Perhaps one of the "funnier" parts of this little adventure was the face Finn would make, usually in his high chair, to try and pop his ears to relieve some of the pressure himself (Amity figured this out, I just thought he was being funny).

Nice face, right? He wasn't crying or even really making any noise at all. He'd just go from normal face to this face back to normal face like it was nothing out of the ordinary. But now he's fine, his ears look good (to me anyway), and we have another ear infection story for the books (or blog, in this case).

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Chris and Kim Todd said...

Josh looks totally wiped, and I'll bet you were too. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)