15 February 2011

My Stressful, Successful, Unlucky, SUPER Lucky, Pretty Good, Ending on a Sad Note Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day. What a day you turned out to be.


The started off somewhat stressfully as Zeke woke up bouncing all over the place, and at quite the loud volume. I think he had been out of bed for all of 3 minutes before I was wishing for the arrival of the bus.


After Zeke was off to school, and the other two had been fed breakfast and dressed, I piled them into the car and took Finn to the clinic to get his 6 month immunizations. (I know he's already 9 months, but that's how it goes sometimes.) We got there, got in and got out rather quickly. So quickly, in fact, that I decided to take the boys food shopping while we were on post so that Josh wouldn't have to do it himself after work. We got our food shopping done quickly and with enough time left over so that I could get gas for my car, and still be home well before Zeke got home from school (he gets home at 11:30ish and I managed to get all this done and get us home by 11:00).


Shortly after arriving home, I went to get my phone for some reason or another and realized I could NOT find my wallet. Anywhere. I then had a sinking suspicion that I had left my wallet on top of my car when I got gas and never put it back in the car when I was finished. I searched the backpack and my car twice before determining it was really gone.

So now I'm freaking out. Part of my freaking out was because my friend here is due to have her baby at any moment (seriously, any moment) and I'm on call to take care of her other kids while she goes in to have said baby, and I didn't have my phone. Another part of my freaking out is that in my wallet, obviously, are all my credit cards and my ID card and my license and all that stuff that I would NEED to call people about if they were, in fact, missing. The 3rd part of my freaking out was that we didn't have our land line connected in the house. We didn't have enough plugs and since all we got were telemarketers anyway we just decided to unplug the phone. SO I plugged it all in, but it took FOR-EV-ER to connect and get working. Of course, Finn coming over and pulling on it didn't help, nor did Deacon coming over and knocking into things. But finally, FINALLY, I got the phone to work and called Josh in a true state of panic.

My gracious husband, left work and went back to the gas station to look for my wallet. Unfortunately, it wasn't there and no one had turned it in. So I told him the route I had taken from the gas station to get home, and off he went, searching as he drove.

SUPER Lucky (or where Josh got to play the hero for the first time this day):

However many minutes later, Josh called back. HE FOUND MY WALLET! Apparently it stayed on the roof of my car until I got on the Glenn Highway and accelerated to 65mph. Once I got up to speed, it must have fallen off, then most likely got run over by a car or 4 because when Josh got there just about EVERYTHING was in pieces.

But I didn't really care because he FOUND it all. When I asked him how many credit cards he had found he said, "How many cards or how many pieces of cards?" Har. Har. Har. Some of the cash that was in there is gone forever, but again, that's okay, because he found all the important things and now I can rest assured that there isn't someone out there with all my information. Of course, I don't have all my information either (such as full credit card numbers for any of my cards). And now I have the task of getting in touch with all these places and getting new cards and things sent to me. Yay.

But ALSO super lucky is that I got a new phone. When Josh took my smashed iPhone to Best Buy they told him that it was neither returnable nor repairable. I think they totally underestimated their abilities to fix things.

Be that as it may, since my phone isn't due for an upgrade until August, Josh was going to have to pay for a new phone for me. And since he was going to have to buy a new phone anyway, and since they were willing to work with him on it, Josh bought me a brand new iPhone 4. Yeah, baby! It's very exciting, even though it's very much like my old phone.

Pretty Good:

The rest of the day went pretty much the way it usually does. Naps (which neither big boy really took...sigh), playing until dinner, dinner, movie, etc. We got all the boys in bed, I read some of my book, Josh played some WoW, then we made some popcorn and started to watch Hawaii Five-0. Aaahhh....

Ending on a Sad Note (or where Josh to play the hero for the second time):

Sadly, around 9:45ish, Finn started crying. Like, really crying. So I went in and tried to soothe him, figuring he wasn't feeling well from his shots that morning, being somewhat upset with myself for not having any sort of medicine for him in the house (I did have some but apparently it had expired...last April). After a few minutes, Josh came in and took Finn from me, pretty much right in time for Finn to vomit. And oh did Finn vomit, all. over. Josh. Poor baby. (Poor Daddy.) So I went to fill the tub and while I was in the bathroom for all of a minute, Finn vomited all over Josh a second time. (That's the second heroic act of Josh - getting thrown up on so I didn't have to deal with that as I am not very good with throw up.)

So I bathed Finn quickly (he was shaking too much to enjoy his time in the tub), snuggled him in my big, fluffy, warm towel for awhile, dressed him, and lay on the couch with him for a bit, while Josh cleaned himself up with a nice shower. Eventually Finn seemed to be okay and sleepy, so I put him back in bed (he was fine the rest of the night), and then slept terribly.

So there you have it. That was my day yesterday. Another Valentine's Day for the history books, if ever there was one.

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JStar said...

Wow, I didn't have to go to such extreme measures to get an iPhone4 from my husband! (Jim wanted me to say that)

What a crazy story that is! Poor Beth, that must have been a stressful day! I'm so glad Josh was able to find your wallet! Yea Josh!