04 February 2011

What You Said?

The other day, when Josh asked Zeke how school was that day, Zeke said, "Good." He then went on to tell Josh how a couple of the other kids in his class had started crying that day. When Josh asked Zeke why, Zeke responded, "I don't know." So I said, "Did you hit them?" (He'd been hitting Deacon a bit more than usual lately, which is why I asked.) Zeke looked at me and said, "No. I don't hit my friends. I hit Deacon." He then patted Deacon on the head and walked away while Josh and I laughed. Well, I laughed, Josh used the opportunity to remind Zeke of the spanking he had recieved the day before for hitting Deacon. He hasn't really hit Deacon as much since then. Hmm....

* * * * *

One day, maybe a week or two ago now, Zeke and I were discussing his day at school while we ate lunch. He was telling me how they had made dog food that day (whatever that really means I have NO idea). I decided to tease him and asked, "Do you eat dog food?" He laughed and said, "NO! I don't eat dog food!" Then he got real serious, looked straight at me and said, "I don't eat play-doh either." I...really wasn't sure what to do with that. He told me later that one of the other boys in his class ate some play-doh. Good job then son.

* * * * *

Here's a little video of Zeke and Josh playing "Ring Around the Rosie". Well, Zeke had made up some of his own words to go in the part he didn't know, which I love since now he sings

Ring around the rosie
Pop goes the weasel
Ashes ashes
We all fall down!

* * * * *

Now for some health related news on the boy. This pretty much involves his bum and rashes and bowel movements, so if you'd rather not read on, I'm okay with that. It's why I put the sweet stuff up front. Come back tomorrow for more cuteness. For those of you that want to read on though, here we go.
Last week, as I was helping Zeke clean himself up after pooping, I noticed there was some blood in his poop. I didn't really think anything of it because this poop was HUGE and so I figured he probably tore a little bit pushing it out. (I tried to warn you this part would involve too much information.) But here we are, a week later, and there is still blood when I wipe him, and he's only pooped twice since then, when usually he goes once a day.
So yesterday I called the clinic to see if I could get a quick phone consult with a doctor. Twenty minutes later (which is a long story in and of itself) Zeke had an appointment to see a doctor this afternoon. My friend, Marci, was gracious enough to come stay with Deacon and Finn (while they napped) so off Zeke and I went.

I told the doctor what happened and what I thought, and she said I was probably right, but she wanted to look anyway (um, yeah, that's why we're here). She took one look at his little bum and said, he's awfully red and raw. I think he has strep. She took a culture, and sure enough, my sweet boy has the butt strep.

I need to backtrack a little bit here for a moment. See, about a month ago, my "friend", Amity, dropped off her two little ones since I was watching them for her that morning. As she was getting ready to leave, she said, "Curtis has a little diaper rash, just in case you have to change his diaper." I thought nothing of this because that's what kids in diapers do, they get rashes occasionally. Fast forward to later that day (or maybe the next day), and Amity calls to say that his diaper rash is actually butt strep. Lovely. Not soon after she lets me know this, Zeke develops a rash on his bum that looks like what she described her son's to look like. But I put some ointment on it, and it cleared up in a few days so I figured it couldn't have been the same thing, because well, how could my ointment have cleared up butt strep and done it so quickly?

Apparently, it was butt strep, and my ointment only cleared up the rash, but didn't get rid of the virus. So now my sweet boy is on antibiotics for the next 10 days. You'd never have even known anything was wrong with him since he's been perfectly fine all this time. Kids are so strange some times.


Nicole and Chris said...

Four kids and I have yet to have butt strep. Nice job, Beth.

Nicole and Chris said...

Ok, that should read- Four kids and they have yet to have butt strep....well, I have not either so WE have yet to have butt strep.

Anonymous said...

Ya could have changed names to protect the "innocent"!
And you didn't even change Curt's diaper...maybe Zeke did... :-)
I don't eat playdough either.

Ells said...

Butt strep. I had no idea that even existed. Glad he didn't seem to suffer from it!!!

Michelle said...

Butt strep cracks me up for some reason. Poor Zeke and poor Mommy.

I can guarantee that Liam is one of the kids crying alot. He has had a hard time ever since Christmas break. I doubt he is the one eating the play-doh. He doesn't eat food so I doubt he is eating the play-doh.

Ring around the rosy is getting old here too.

Childress Family said...

Butt strep is a new one on me, too. Great...another weird kid thing to look out for. Keep your butt strep in Alaska, ok? :) Hope poor buddy's better soon and the meds work.