22 February 2011

What To Start With?

A bunch happened over the last week that I want to blog about. Part of me feels like I should write about them as they happened. Part of me feels like I should write about them in order of "importance". Then there's part of me, which is the part I'm going to go with, that says, "Whatever. Just write about them as you want." Therefore, today I am going to write about the haircut Deacon got on Saturday evening (mostly because I just spent so. much. time. on flickr putting up and labeling the pictures I have from February so far, and I'm tired of being at my computer, and this shouldn't take too long to write up).

So, yeah. Deacon got his hair cut on Saturday. Apparently Josh and I had different ideas as to what we wanted done to to his head since I wound up feeling kind of sad at the end of it all. See, I love Deacon's hair longer. Yes, it was getting a tad too long, and definitely needed some help, but I think longer hair is a little truer to his personality (if that makes any sense?).

Josh, I guess, felt his hair was way too long and needed to be gone. I'm sure it didn't help my case any that I would pull it back with some of my elastics and headbands and stuff. I'm also sure it didn't help when the security guard at the hospital mistook him for a girl, most likely only using his hair as an indication of his gender.

Now, while Deacon does, in fact, look quite handsome with his haircut, I am still a little bit sad that it's all gone. I know it's only hair, and that it will grow back, but still. I wasn't ready for such a different look, and now I feel like he looks way too grown up. I guess I'm happy though, as long as he likes it.

And I'd have to guess that he does.


Miss Hannah said...

Cute haircut. The way you have the pictures set up makes it look like he has HUGE legs for a little guy. heehee : )

Anonymous said...

What! No more Justin Bieber look?
Gpa W

Childress Family said...

So cute! Josh is a whiz with those clippers. I'm a total chicken when it comes to putting any kind of blade near my childrens' heads.