26 February 2011

To Tweet, or Not To Tweet?

That is the question I've been asking myself lately. See, when little things, that strike me as really funny, happen around here, I usually text Josh and a friend or two about it then move on. But as I'm texting I think, "maybe I should just get Twitter, then tweet this." Things like when this kid:

came out of the playroom yesterday and said, in regards to a booger he just pulled out of his nose, "Look! I caught a big one!"

I could blog about them, I guess, but they really are just little things, and not really things that would make up a good blog post (at least not for the "format" I have for this blog anyway). I try to save a bunch of them and post them all at once, but by the time I get around to posting these kind of little things, I have forgotten most of them.

So, now I'll ask you. Do you Twitter? Should I Twitter? Would you follow me if I Twittered? Does any of this even make any sense?


Meagan said...

TWITTER! I definitely think you should twitter. I also have thought about starting a twitter account but I worry that I already share way to much of my life with everyone and that twitter would just reinforce that bad habit.

Julie said...

You totally should! I do tweet things my kids say sometimes. But yes you should join in the fun :)