02 February 2011


On whatever Tuesday evenings I can, I go to evening PWOC (ladies Bible study). Every time the group finishes a book, we go out to dinner. Last night, was a dinner night. A few of us met at Jalapeños in town here and had a lovely time. Since Josh was still at work when it was time for me to leave, I brought my boys with me (that's Christine, a new chaplain on post, holding Finn by the way). Josh joined us shortly after we got there, and so we all had dinner at Jalapeños. And since Josh had come straight from work, he was in uniform throughout dinner (that's important for the rest of the story).

As we were finishing up our dinners, a older lady, who was also eating dinner at Jalapeños, stopped by our table, put down a billfold (that is what you call the little book thing that they bring your bill in, right?) on our table and said, "All this is paid for." Then she patted Josh on the arm and said, "Thank you for serving." She then walked away and out of the restaurant. Wow, right?

It was such a cool thing that she did, and also kind of humbling. At least I was somewhat humbled by it. Of course, at first Josh and I both had the same thought, wondering why this lady was leaving her check with us instead of on her table if it was all paid for. But when she thanked him for serving, that's when I realized what was actually going on.

So, to the kind lady who paid for our dinner last night, that was really cool of you (especially since Jalapenos is NOT a "cheap" restaurant, and we can rack up quite the bill there). Seriously though, thank you. You, and your gesture, will not be forgotten.


Sara said...

I'm such a cry baby. That is so awesome.

Gramma V said...

So well deserved! We appreciate not only the sacrifice of our service men and women, but their family's as well! Thank You!

Niki said...

So amazing! There are really sweet people out there! Very cool!

JStar said...

Very sweet. It's good to know there are people out there who appreciate the military! When we meet up next summer feel free to pay it forward to to the Starlings. :)

Julie said...

That is so cool!