05 February 2011

So, This Happened Today

Josh placed Finn in his bed for his morning rest time. Before Josh could turn around and get to the door, Finn had pulled himself up to a standing position. He'd been pulling himself up to his knees quite regularly the past few days, and I was getting set to write a post about it, but I guess I didn't move fast enough on that.

So, while Zeke and were at speech (and Old Navy) this morning, Josh and the other two boys put the crib back together. I had mentioned it to Josh last night as something I'd like to have happen soon, basically so he'd have a little more room since he's getting so big. Josh decided today was the day after Finn stood up in the pack-n-play. Basically, Josh got worried that soon Finn would be tall enough to send himself falling out of the pack-n-play head first since Finn's head weighs about 74 pounds (Josh's estimation, not mine).

So naptime was our first run with the crib, and he did fine with it. I'm happy because now he has more room. Josh is happy because now he's less worried about Finn flinging himself headfirst out of his crib. I'm not sure how Deacon's feeling about it since the crib was in Deacon's room, minus the bars, serving as a second bed for Deacon, should he tire of the one he's currently using.

And Finn, well, Finn obviously is terribly upset by the whole ordeal. It really is a shame how depressed my little baby is. Maybe we should get him some help for that?

PS...The Superbowl is tomorrow. In case you missed the post I wrote on what special thing we're "doing for it" this year, click HERE. Go team!

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Julie said...

He is so cute! Yay for a new bed :)