24 January 2011

Go My Favorite Sports Team!

As you may or may not know, we enjoy football in our house. We like to play football as well as watch football. We cheer for everyone since Zeke has no allegiance to any particular team. We do enjoy college football a bit more then professional, but again, since Zeke has no preference and football is football, we watch whatever we can whenever we can. So, we're pretty excited that the Superbowl is coming up.

I am excited for the Superbowl for a completely different reason though. This year, for the Superbowl, St. Jude Children's Research hospital has partnered with the NFL on FOX to create a new fundraising program called Game Day. Give Back. Now, we aren't having a Superbowl party to try and raise funds, but what we have decided to do is donate to St. Jude's according to the final score of the game. So, if the final score of the Superbowl is 21-16, we will donate $37 to St. Jude's. (If the score only winds up being something ridiculous like 7-0 or 3-2, we'll just add a zero to the end of the total number of points.) And I have to say it again, I'm really excited for the Superbowl now because of this. We may not wind up giving what some would consider to be a lot, but every little bit helps.

All of that being said, would any of you care to join us in this "pledge"?


Meagan said...

Love...love...LOVE this idea!

Childress Family said...

Cool idea, Beth! Whenever a game is on here, Anna decides whom she'll cheer for based on which uniform colors she likes. She really liked seeing the Vikings play because she really likes purple. Or anyone with silver on, she'll cheer heartily for them.