07 January 2011

Ah, Deaconland

It really must be a magical place since Deacon tends to spend a good part of every day there. I'm sure I've said it before, but this kid really does have quite the imagination. Whether he's in a room full of robots, fighting for his life or reenacting scenes from his favorite movies (I'm trying really hard to capture his maniacle laugh for you because it is fantastic), this kid is all over the place.

So often I watch him as he sits there daydreaming, and I wonder what goes on in his head. It makes me excited for when he starts school, to see the things he'll come up with for writing assignments and art projects. You know, assuming he ever potty trains so he can go to school (I am seriously running out of ideas on how to motivate this kid to want to use the toilet).

Happily, Deaconland doesn't just stay in his head, I guess you could say. Deacon loves to chat with his toys and act out what he's dreaming about, so sometimes I can get a good glimpse into the wonderful world of Deacon's imagination. Sometimes. Sometimes I'm at a loss to figure out what a safari hat and a dump truck have to do with each other. But he plays so nicely on his own, lost in his own little land.

One of Deacon's current favorite movies is "Snow and the Seven Dwarfs". This is fun because you just never know when he'll break out with his own version of "One Song", or when he'll ask me to sing the wishing well song with him (I sing as Snow White, he sings as her echo - it's a good time), or when he'll bust out something like this (my apologies for the sound being all over the place, he was singing loud then soft and I filmed it with my phone):

And in case you're still wondering, yes, he does still put random things on his head.

I seriously love this kid.

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Anonymous said...

i like Finn's amazement in the video