22 January 2011

Chips Ahoy!

Deacon is a potato chip eating monster. This kid would eat chips all day, every day, if we would just let him. It doesn't even matter what kind of chip, he is an equal chip lover. Doritos, fritos, cheetos, bar-b-que, regular, rippled, sun chips, etc. They are all delicious to devour.

Look how happy they make him. As I was getting Deacon up from his morning rest time the other day I said (as usual), "Deacon, what shirt would you like to wear today?" Deacon looked at me and said, "How about you get the shirt, and I'll get the chips." He then left the room, got some chips from the pantry and went upstairs.

The only downside? Chips, especially the "cheesy" ones, tend to make quite the mess. We all know Deacon is anything but neat when he eats, but still:

Chips can get a little out of control sometimes. I did show him how to lick his fingers when he is finished eating, so that helps a little. But when he so clearly enjoys them, a little cheese all over the house is worth it.

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Anonymous said...

what about ketchup flavored chips? Josh knows what that's all about.