13 January 2011

Now We Just Need to Get Rid of the Snow

Zeke got a bicycle for his birthday from Josh's parents. It was pretty hilarious when it was delivered. Zeke stuck his head out the door while I thanked the UPS guy, and loudly exclaimed, "IT'S MY MOTORCYCLE BIKE!!" Sadly for him, the bike came on a Thursday and didn't get put together until Saturday. Also, there's ice everywhere so he can't really ride it yet. Well, he can't ride it outside. Josh says we can move the cars onto the driveway (and hope they don't slide into the street) so Zeke can ride around the garage a little. Maybe this weekend? Anyhoo, he's super excited about the bike as you can see.

Even more exciting then the bike though, is the bike helmet Josh took him to buy Sunday afternoon. Zeke has worn this helmet every. single. day. since buying it on Sunday. In fact, when he put it on Sunday after getting it home, he spent 5 minutes in the bathroom mirror looking at himself. But it's so funny to see him playing with his cars or watching TV with his helmet on. Yesterday I had to show him how to take it off since he kept wanting it, on then wanting it off. Then wanting it on, then wanting it off. On Tuesday, he put the helmet on then declared, "Mom! I'm Helmet Man!"

Yes you are sweet boy. And I hope you are always this enthusiastic about wearing your helmet.

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Paula said...

Beth, congratulations on your move. I'll bet NJ is sounding pretty good in the midst of an AK winter.

Happy belated birthday to you. Sounded like quite a day.:)

I've put you guys down for the 17th of each month on our prayer calendar. Can you send me your best email address? Strangely I have one for Josh but not you!

Love to all your babes, Paula