20 January 2011

Oh Sure

So I'm pretty certain Finn said his first word on Tuesday (besides the usual mama/dada bit, or "mum" as he often says when he "means" it). I had gotten him out of bed in the morning, we were walking to the couch, when Peavey walked past us. Finn is enthralled with the cat right now, so I stopped, we watched Peavey for a bit and I said to Finn, "cat". Finn looked at me, looked at Peavey and said, "cah". Awesome. He wouldn't do it again right away, but later on in the morning, Finn was crawling around the floor. As Peavey walked by Finn, Finn stopped, looked at Peavey and said, "cah" again. And Peavey, I must say, has been pretty good about Finn. He does avoid the baby as much as possible, but if Finn does manage to get to him and crawl on him and pull his fur, Peavey (for the most part) just lays there and takes it. Once Peavey's had enough abuse he gets up and walks away.

Not so good of Peavey though, is where I found him Tuesday evening:

I'm not even fully sure how he got up there. I'm hoping it's the only time he's been up there, because he's kind of gross with the shedding of the fur and the kitty litter in the paws and stuff, and I'd hate to think he's been using my clean towels as bedding for awhile. Especially when he has his own little pile of blankets there in the bottom corner of the closet to sleep on. Speaking of gross Peavey, he's shed so much fur in that little spot of his, I'm fairly certain I could collect it all and make a new cat. A quieter cat who doesn't insist we stop everything and pet him when he wants to be pet. Petted. Pet? When he wants to be petted? I think I need a nap.

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