31 January 2011

Shawls and Hats

I've been a busy knitter lately so I'm using today's post to show off what I've made since the summer.

Over the summer I made this shawl for a friend of ours. She, her husband, and their 4 kids are going to be missionaries in Lebanon. (The ladies in the picture are ladies I knit with, who pray over the shawls with me. They are so much fun.)

I finished it and mailed it in July, then took a month or so off since it was "summer" and all.

In September, the prayer shawl knitting group I go to started up again, and so did I. My first shawl of the "year" is this lovely one I made for a friend of ours who, along with her husband and young daughter, are going to be missionaries in Africa.

Once her shawl was finished, I started one for the prayer shawl basket in our church. It's pretty much what it sounds like, a basket, in our church, full of shawls that we've made and prayed over for whoever needs one.

Around the same time I started this pink one, I also started one for a friend of ours who is in England, leading Club Beyond (youth group) for the military kids stationed over there.

I finished both of them in the beginning of December (mostly so I could mail the one to England and have it arrive [hopefully] right around Christmas. And I'm currently working on two more. Most likely for the prayer basket again. At least that's what they're both intended for right now, but I guess you never know what might come up.

And now on to hats!

You may remember the Spider-man hat I made for Zeke and the Ironman hat I made for Deacon. (If you don't, click HERE.) You may also remember the Green Lantern hat I made for Josh. (Again, if you don't, click HERE.) Well, after finishing Josh's hat, I started on a Batman one for me. By the time mine was finished, the one Finn was rocking was too small so I made him a new one (which is too big) in colors inspired by the X-Men. Wolverine in particular for now since he's Zeke's favorite, but when he's big enough to pick one for himself, he'll be able to.

Now, Finn's hat and my hat don't have our respective superheroes icons on the brims like the others do, but I'm okay with that. Basically I knew I'd never get the Batman one right and I didn't want to spend upwards of $10 (including shipping) on a patch. And since Finn's isn't really anyone specific (no offense Wolverine) I figured there wasn't a point in putting one on his yet. I guess I could put a red X, but meh.

So there you have it. That's what I've been doing to keep myself busy (and warm!). Because, you know, life isn't busy enough around here on it's own.


Anonymous said...

It's a Beth post! Only 2 boys made it in :-)
And yes, we are so fun. Or something like that.

Ells said...

You made an adorable hat for Gloria, too!! I remember that it was one of the first baby gifts we received - it seems like ages ago. I love putting it on her. :)

Anonymous said...

A close knit family. I love it
Gramps Walter

Gramma V said...

Oh, well! We got to see pictures of you, too, in this post, so we don't really mind if Deacon didn't make it into this one ;) We'll catch him later!
Happy knitting!

Beth said...

Although, if you click on the first HERE, it'll take you to a blog post where there's a picture of Deacon, and of Josh, so I guess you could say we are ALL in this post. ;)

Sara said...

Yay Beth! Beautiful work as usual!