01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

What an end to 2010. After the boys got up from their rest time, Josh took them outside to play in the snow. Whenever it snowed here, Josh would shovel all of the snow off of the back deck and into one giant pile in the yard. The other day when Josh and Zeke were out there, they dug a little slide into the giant pile of snow:

Yesterday though, yesterday the snow was nice and maleable so Josh helped them make this:

Which makes me think of this:

Josh said it was Zeke's idea to make the snowman with 2 heads. He claims he said he would make a head and the Zeke said he would make a head and so they wound up with 2 heads, which is what Zeke wanted. Hmm. Anyhoo, shortly after finishing the snowman they had to come in since it has started raining. Yes, it got warm enough here to rain yesterday. Of course, it all froze and turned into ice by the end of the day, but it was nice to have some warmer weather, and a little color in the sky.

The rest of the day went normally. After we put the boys in bed we decided to play World of Warcraft while we waited to ring in the new year (yeah, we are super exciting people). Around 9:00pm or so people in our neighborhood started setting off fireworks. We thought it would be cool for the boys to see so we went downstairs, woke them up (because of course last night was the only night in weeks that they both fell asleep right away instead of staying up playing until 9 or so), and carried them upstairs to see some of the fireworks.

Zeke and Deacon were super excited (once they woke up and realized what was going on). At one point, another house started setting off some and even though we couldn't see most of them we could hear them. Deacon looked up at Josh and said, "Do you hear that? It sounds like fireworks!" Eventually Zeke decided he had had enough and wanted to go back to bed, so we put them both back downstairs and sat back down at our computers. Midnight came, midnight went, and so we did we, off to bed.

Today we took down and put away all of our Christmas. Josh suggested it, and Zeke jumped on the chance to put Christmas away so we can turn our focus to what comes next - his birthday on Monday. Oh yes, this year he definitely understands what's going on. Five really is going to be a fun age.

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