28 February 2011

Jealousy At Its Cutest

Finn, apparently, is somewhat jealous of whatever it is that might be taking my attention away from him. The main culprit is Deacon, especially when I'm trying to change Deacon's diaper and/or help him get dressed. It doesn't matter if Finn is otherwise happily occupied on his own, as soon as I lay Deacon down on the couch, and start to do whatever, Finn's head turns towards us, his laser beam eyes focus on us, and he crawls over at warp speed. Once he's in our area, he's not content enough to just sit there, on the floor, and have me talk to him. Oh no, Finn will pull himself up by using my legs for balance, and then sort of "hop" up and down on his toes, doing his sort of grunty-whiny noise. Kind of like this:

"Mommy pllllleeeasssseee pick me up!" This will continue until he either falls over at some point (usually because I've shifted my body to better do what I'm trying to do with Deacon), causing him to then cry because his feelings have been SO hurt that I would clearly choose Deacon over him, or until I pick him up:

Neither result is really ideal for me. In the first one, he's crying, and that gets old quick. In the second, he's happy, but he's also on my lap and in my way. And because he's usually not content enough to just be on my lap, he likes to get right in my face so I'll know, beyond the shadow of a dobut, that he's there and he wants me to play with him.

While I am, somewhat, flattered that Finn always wants to be the center of my attention (when someone else requires my attention that is), I feel kind of bad for Deacon. Because now, instead of a diaper change taking all of 30 seconds, he has to waste 3 minutes of play time laying on the couch, waiting for Finn to get over himself. Oh, that youngest Walter boy.

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Michelle said...

This is exactly what Ben does; it drives me batty.