14 February 2011

Maybe The Swords WEREN'T A Good Idea

A few days after Zeke got a shot in on Deacon's face with a sword, Zeke and Josh were sword fighting. This time, they each had a sword so they were a little more evently armed. Apparently it doesn't matter, as Zeke managed to get another good swipe of the sword in and truly busted up Josh's finger.

(Not the greatest picture, but the best we got.) At first, Josh thought it was broken, but by the end of the weekend, he down graded it to a sprain. Needless to say, Josh was in quite a bit of pain all weekend (it happened Friday evening). Also needless to say, I could NOT stop laughing at him - poor guy. It was really funny, I couldn't help it.

Saturday morning, while Zeke and I were at speech, we had this conversation during his session.

Me: Hey Zeke, tell Miss Kathie what you did to Daddy last night.
Zeke: I hurt his finger.
Me: How did you hurt his finger? (snicker)
Zeke: I hit him, on his hand, with my sword.

Yeah you did Zeke. Yeah you did.

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