07 March 2011

February Photo Dump

I have a bunch of pictures on my computer from February that I guess I had intended on writing posts for, but now I think I'm just going to dump them all into one post so we can move on and write about whatever March brings us. And now, in no particular order, the rest of February:

This is my hunk, hoisting a hunk of ice he chipped off of our driveway on day.

Deacon worked so hard on decorating this chair. When he was finished he started singing to it. "O Christmas house, o Christmas house, something, something, something." (to the tune of O Christmas Tree)

If you thought Finn couldn't get any cuter, you should see him in a cowboy hat.

My couch got tagged one day. Thankfully he used the eraser end of the pencil and not the lead end.

Me and my boys. Not to mention further evidence that 3 kids is enough for me.

This gorgeous boy (sob! the hair!) was pretending that water tower was a megaphone. He's so clever and imaginative.

Ahh, a nice warm fire on a cold winter day.

Poor baby was having a rough time waking up this morning.

Finn decided he wanted to be "fancy" one day so I dressed him up. Eventually we did get pants on too.

On the 17th, Josh took Zeke to work with him. Since this is the last photo, I'll write a little more about that. A few weeks earlier, Josh had taken Zeke in for his 5 year check up. The original plan was for me to bring in the other boys, get Zeke from Josh's office, then take them all to the dentist. But the dentist wasn't there, so Josh took Zeke to work for a few minutes while he checked to make sure they wouldn't need him for the next half hour or so, then brought Zeke to school. Well, Zeke talked about going to work with Daddy for the rest of the day. He was so excited. So, when Zeke had off for parent/teacher conferences Josh took Zeke in to work again, this time for more then 10 minutes. They both had a great time and did a bunch of stuff.

Like sit on a stuffed musk ox that's hanging out in the building Josh works in. Good times.

And that wraps up the rest of our February. Good times, indeed.

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