19 March 2011

A Little Spring Organizing

I know it's not really spring yet, and that it's still snowing and stuff here, but I've decided to let the sunshine do it's work, in making me want to do some work. So, I started the other day by weeding out all the 3T stuff from Deacon's closet, and moving all the 4T stuff from Zeke's closet and putting it into Deacon's. Today I had Josh pull down all the random boxes of clothes I have in the garage so that I can better organize them, and set them up so that as Finn grows into them, I can have them more readily available, not to mention easier to find. Not only is the sun bringing all of this about, but so is the fact that Finn is rapidly outgrowing all of his 12month sized shirts.

Man, they really do grow quickly, huh?

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Julie said...

I so need to go through clothes too. Daniel and Drew are pretty much in the same size so that is interesting...lol And I love having bins of little boy stuff to put on Joshua. I do have to buy some though because it is much warmer here than it was in Germany.