29 March 2011

My Boom

So, 9 o'clock this morning rolled around pretty quickly today. Usually at 9 I turn on Sesame Street for the boys. Today, however, Deacon and Finn were playing so nicely in the playroom on their own, that I decided to let them continue playing. I played with my phone a little, tweeting, texting, etc, while I waited for the inevitable sound of Deacon freaking out because Finn invaded the 3 mile circle that is Deacon's personal space. It never came.

After ten minutes I checked on them, they were both happily absorbed in what they each were doing, so I decided to "tempt fate" as it were, and got out my book. I read for about 2 minutes. As soon as I turned the page in my book I heard a crash followed by Finn crying. As soon as I heard the crash I jumped up and ran to the playroom, almost knocking Deacon over since he was running out to get me.

I looked in the closet, and there was Finn, splayed out, reclining against the bookshelf, trapped under this little plastic toy bin/shelf thing we have. I will be quick to mention that the plastic shelf thing had NOT landed on Finn, the bookshelf actually caught it and was holding it just above him. Finn did, however, hit his head somewhere in all of this, I'm not sure if it was on the bookshelf, or if one of the drawers of toys opened and hit him, but he looked like this right after:

Poor baby. So I picked up the shelf, which made Finn's crying stop. I moved Finn out of the closet, closed all the shelf drawers and set it back on the ground so it wouldn't fall over again (see, the thing is really light, so if all the drawers are opened at once, which Deacon has a tendency to do, then it tips because it's front heavy). As I then scooped up Finn he said what sounded like, "Mah boom" over and over in his sad, "feel pity for me" voice. Which, is really kind of funny and cute. Mah boom. Yes sweet boy, you did go boom, huh?

Oh, he's fine by the way. By the time we left the playroom and walked to the couch he was off and playing something new. Just in case anyone was worried about him.

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Ells said...

Sweet Finn! That's quite a bump! (I'm not looking forward to our days of booms, but they are fast approaching.)

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