21 March 2011

There'll Be No Stopping Him Now

First, I want to start this post with a video. Well, the whole post is really going to be videos, but I want to start with a video I took this morning. I had gone downstairs to work on a food shopping list for Josh. Maybe 2 minutes later, I came back upstairs and found Finn doing this:

Gross, right? But what can I say, the kid LOVES water.

Finn has figured out how to work the drill, and he loves it. He likes to try to grab the drill while it's moving. At first, he would only use the one hand to do both (which doesn't work since the drill stops as soon as you let go of it), mostly because he would lose his balance if he let go of the bench with his other hand. Eventually, as his balance got better, he figured out how to grab the moving drill with his other hand. Apparently this was working, but always the thinker, Finn decided to see what would happen if he could get at the drill from another angle, and so I found him doing this:

Crazy, right? But what can I say, the kid knows no bounds now that he's mobile.

Speaking of mobile, while I had Zeke (and Deacon) at speech Saturday morning, Josh decided it would be a good time to work on Finn's "walking skills" since they had some quality one-on-one time. See, Josh is determined to see Finn's first steps before he leaves for Alabama in a few weeks. And it looks like he got his wish:

Insane, right? He hasn't taken more than 4 or so steps at a time, and it's usually from one of us to the other (therefore more videos of this might be awhile coming).

Life, as we know it, has just gotten a lot more interesting.

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