17 March 2011

Déjà Vu

After I wrote Tuesday's post, Josh and Zeke went outside and did even more work on the driveway. And since I got some good pictures, I figured I'd do another post about the state of our driveway, since it was just about finished.

As you can see, the ice at the bottom of the driveway was incredibly thick.

And yeah, we've pretty much acclamatied to Alaska weather. Josh was out there in the 33 degree weather in just a t-shirt. Of course, the sun was beating down and he was doing some hard work.

Zeke was also doing some "hard work".

When I took this picture I told Josh not to worry, that I had captured the moment he broke his back playing with the ice. (He didn't actually break his back, he didn't even get that piece of ice off the ground whole. He broke the giant chunk into smaller chunks and moved them.)

Eventually Zeke got tired of "working" and decided to play. And what better game to play when you're outside than Puddle Jumping.

By the end of Tuesday, Josh (and Zeke) had cleared most of the driveway. I asked Josh to leave that foot and a half of ice that you see by where Zeke was jumping because as the snow and stuff melts from the neighbor's yard, it trickles across our driveway. Not a big deal, except when it gets cold at night and the run-off melts and makes the driveway a slippery mess until the sun comes out again. That foot and a half or so of ice makes for some nice traction.

What doesn't make for nice traction though, is the 2 inches of snow we got this morning. That's right. After all the work the town did to clear the roads, and all the work Josh did to clear the driveway, it snowed. Again. It's not surprising since it is still March, after all, and last year it was snowing in May. It's just a little disheartening after all the spring-like weather we've been having. Also disheartening is slipping on said snow taking Zeke to the bus this morning, falling rather hard, pulling Zeke down with me. He was fine since he had his snowpants and coat and mittens on. I, on the other hand, have bruised my left knee, my left elbow, and the palm of my left hand. Sigh.

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Miss Hannah said...

Poor Beth. Hope you heal soon. We have the same weather here. A couple of warmer days to melt some of the snow, and then it gets colder again and freezes back over.
You could try wearing YakTraks. They're like tire chains for your shoes - give some good traction on the snow and ice.