15 March 2011

A Work In Progress

Starting last week (essentially), Josh has been coming home from work super early (a little after 11am yesterday and today, for example). With the weather being so nice, and the sun shining so warmly on our driveway, Josh took the initiative last week and spent an hour a day chipping and scraping away at the inches of ice covering our driveway. Of course, with the time change this past weekend, things have slowed a little since they sun doesn't hit the driveway as long as it was the week before, but it's still coming along.

Yesterday, he managed to get all of the stuff in the road up and a bit more from the right side, some of the pieces actually being 6 inches thick. Of course, yesterday he also had Zeke out there with him, telling him what to do. Today, while Zeke was getting dressed, he was telling me (again) about how he was out there with Josh, "shovelling" and picking up pieces of ice. At the end of his story he said, "I like helping Daddy."

Aaaand...that's all I have to say about that, soooo...um...The End!


Embrace the Circus said...

I cannot even imagine. Seriously, Beth. That's a lot of ice. Next winter will be like a visit to the tropics for you, and Alaska for me!

Accompanied said...

Wow, that is some project!! What a 'helpful' little guy zeke is! :) -Ellie

Julie said...

Crazy! I wonder if your boys will remember all this snow?