09 March 2011

Iditarod 2011

This past Saturday, Josh took the bigger boys to the Iditarod start, while I stayed home with Finn (because it was too cold for Finn [and me] to be out there is why). They had a great time. Besides splitting a reindeer dog (you know, a hot dog made out of reindeer), they got to see some of the dogs and racers start,

they got to see Izzy the Immunization Dog, and play with one of those face things (which was too big),

they went to the train station,

and to the ice sculpture display.

As you can tell by their faces, it was cold out there, but oh so much fun.

Oh, and the best part for me, besides getting to spend a morning with my sweet bug-a-boo, is the sah-weet boots Josh got for me while they were there. Apparently this once place was having a ridiculous sale and so Josh bought me some rabbit fur boots.

Aren't they lovely? They're rabbit fur and suede on the outside and wool and fleece on the inside. They are so warm and soft and while I didn't know I wanted them, I love them. And Josh says he feels better now that his wife won't be leaving Alaska without any fur.

So, a good Saturday morning all around.


Ells said...

oh such cold little noses and cheeks! But a super fun day... and such a fun husband to bring you those AWESOME boots!!!

Paula said...

Sooo cool to see the start of the Iditarod ...and new boots as a surprise gift!

Childress Family said...

So fun! Love the boots -- a great use for bunnies! :) Am I allowed to say that?