25 March 2011

I Guess This Will Do

When it's a slow news week, you have to make do with what you have. And what I have is a baby who, apparently, loves him some Mickey Mouse. Yesterday, the bigger boys plowed through their lunch. By the time I got the cantaloupe cut, their sandwiches were gone. By the time I got Finn's cantaloupe cut and jar food out, both boys were finished with their entire lunches and off to watch a video before nap time.

Usually this isn't a big deal since Finn will happily ignore the TV to eat. Yesterday, however, this was NOT the case. It had been awhile since we've watched Mickey Mouse, so I suggested they watch an episode of that. I put it on and went back to feeding Finn. However, as soon as Finn hear Mickey's voice, he REFUSED to eat (or sit still) until he could see the TV.

Crazy, right? I guess Mickey Mouse, like Murray the Monster from Sesame Street is something that Finn just cannot ignore. He sat there and watched the entire episode, entranced. While I was a little concerned that maybe he's a bit young for such enthusiastic TV watching, it was nice to be able to feed him without him getting his food everywhere. It was nice, for once, to be able to take him out of his chair looking somewhat clean, and not like this:

While this look IS adorable, and while bananas are a more natural way to make your hair look like this than hair gel is, it's not a look I like seeing after every. single. meal. So, I let him sit there and watch TV while I fed him this once. And we were all happier in the end for it.


Julie said...

He is so cute! Drew is a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse.

Nicole and Chris said...

EVERY single time that Nora eats corn on the cob, after she is done she rubs it in her hair. But what I really want to say is HOW do you, in Alaska, have cantaloupe while me, on a tropical island, has none? Love you!