10 March 2011

Just Call Me "Knitty McKnitterson"

If you remember back at then end of January, when I wrote the post on the shawls (and hats) I had made up to that point, you might remember I mentioned that I had started work on 2 new shawls. Well, two weeks ago I finished the first one, and on Monday I finished the second one. (I also made another hat during this time, but it's a gift so I can't say any more about it...yet.)

Here is the second one I finished, which I actually started first:

And here is the first one I finished, which I actually started second:

This one was a riot. See, I decided to make this one horizontally, but since I've never done one like that before I decided to make it up on my own instead of looking online for similar patterns. So I did some math based on other shawls I've made with the same type of yarn, and figured out how many stitches across it should have needed. Well, something somewhere went wrong and when I finished the shawl, and took it off the needles it measured 4 inches shy of 10 FEET long. See?

And oh, how we all did laugh.

To fix it I just sewed (with my sewing machine) up and down each side, to make it the lenght I wanted it to be and the cut the ends off and let them hang to make a fringe. It does look lovely now, but it really was a sight when it was first "finished".

Now, for anyone who might be curious, I am working on another shawl with a pattern that requires more concentration then I care to give my knitting projects so it might be awhile before it's finished. I am also working on a new blanket for Deacon since I never really made him one (I did make him one, but it was very small and a poor effort on my part - most unlike the ones I made for Zeke and Finn), as well as a "granny hexagon" blanket that I started a long time ago. Hey, I need something to do while I watch tv and movies with my menfolk. Right?

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