04 March 2011

And It Only Took 2 Hours!

They cleaned up the roads today. And by "cleaned up" I mean they brought out the big plows and got up INCHES of ice from all over the place. I know they do this every year, but it really is a fascinating process to watch.

See, it actually started one day last week when something came through and widened the roads by getting all the plowed snow off of the roads and onto our yards (yay). I'm not sure who did it since I was at speech with Zeke, but when we came home it was a noticable difference. Today though, it started with an initial plowing which left burms like this at the end of everyone's driveways.

After that, the big guy (who I think is responsible for widening the roads) came through and cleared all the driveways. Once the driveways were clear, this guy came through and just plowed the heck out of the street.

Leaving, of course, a new burm. A bigger burm. So, the first big guy came through again, and cleared all the driveways. In doing this, by the way, we all now have 4 foot walls of snow at the ends of where our yards are hidden under 2 1/2 feet of snow.

Finally, once the big guys were done, one more truck went up and down the street, clearing out all the driveways the rest of the way, and cleaning up all the extra snow and stuff that got left on the street. All told, it did take about 2 hours.

My favorite part of all this is that now we have about a good 6 inche drop at the end of our driveway. I'm not sure if any of the pictures really do it any justice, but it's about 4-5 inches of ice, topped with 1-1 1/2 inches of "snow" (really a snow/ice mixture).

At least the roads look great. Oh, and if anyone's as fascinated by this as I am, there are more pictures on flickr (which you can get to by clicking on any of the above pictures). I just couldn't help myself.

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