28 May 2011

Too Gross Not To Share

I'll start by saying that I do not have any pictures to go with this story, so you can rest easy about that. I'll also say now that the story involves poop so if you want to avoid that topic then feel free to read the first half about Zeke, then skip the rest. Or skip the whole post, it's okay, you won't miss much.

So, yesterday afternoon Zeke decided he wanted to go outside to play again. When Deacon got up, he decided he didn't want to go out again. When Zeke found out that Deacon didn't want to go out he was shocked. You could see it in his face. His face was all, "What?! Why NOT?! There are rocks outside. And dirt! And sticks! And balls! And dirt! And rocks! And bubbles! And dirt! And trucks! And rocks!" But Zeke went out on his own and had fun getting dirty by himself.

Since Zeke was the only one who went out yesterday afternoon, he was the only one who really needed to be washed last night. And not really wanting to do the whole "bath thing" for one kid, I decided to let him try taking a shower for the first time. He LOVED it. He stood there, in the shower, for a solid 10 minutes, fogging up the mirror and driving Finn insane. (I set up the baby gate in the bathroom door so I could poke my head out and check on the other two while staying close to Zeke in case he slipped or something. But this meant that Finn spent the entire shower time at the gate crying to get in as the little man loves him some water.) So, Zeke had his first shower and it was a huge success and I'm so excited because it'll make things a lot easier this summer.

Here's where the poop comes into play, so feel free to leave now if you want. Apparently, while I was in the bathroom with Zeke, Deacon, who before yesterday was scared of the shower and HATED even the IDEA of it, decided he wanted to take a shower as well, and as such got himself ready to go. And by ready to go I mean he took off the shirt he had on (he was still pantsless from naptime) as well as his diaper. His diaper, which he had pooped into. So, I took Zeke out of the shower and started to wonder why I was smelling poop, I mean, Zeke was clean. So I let Zeke out of the bathroom, cleaned up the bathroom, walked out of the bathroom and saw Deacon, laying on the couch naked, his bottom covered in poop, with a little turd hanging out (I told you this was gross). On the other side of the couch was his diaper, nicely folded in half, but with a giant poop ball laying on top of it that Deacon had apparently put there manually, as his fingers were covered in poop. Ahhh yes, motherhood is SO glamorous.

So, I wiped up Deacon's butt, cleaned up the couch, threw out the diaper, and showered Deacon, who handled the shower quiet well. He was as excited and in love with showering as Zeke was, but he wasn't scared anymore either. Looks like I will be able to get away with more showers and less baths than I had originally anticipated this summer. Whoo! \o/ (<---that's a guy with his hands in the air)


Nicole and Chris said...

Some strange things become socially acceptable and open for conversation once you have had kids. ;)

Julie said...

Oh the joys of little boys :)