27 May 2011

Life Is a Series of Tangled

There are no typos in the title of this post. Life isn't really a series of tangles right now. No, life is good (even though we all miss Daddy terribly). Life is, however, a series of scenes from the movie Tangled right now. Part of me is starting to agree with the comment Amity made the other day, about us having seen the movie too many times. But really, how many is too many when the movie is so good? And if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do so, and soon.

Amity made this comment at the park on Wednesday when I told her what happened when we got there. As soon as we had put all of our stuff on the table we were using, Zeke laid down on the grass and started singing "Just feel the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be!" Then he got up and ate his lunch like nothing had happened. There's also the fact that he's started saying, "Yes, Mother" to me, which I'm pretty sure he got from that movie.

Then, today, as I got out the vacuum, Zeke started running around the house singing, "I could go racing and dancing and running and splashing, when my life begins!" (Except the "when my life begins" part was incredibly mumbled since he doesn't actually know those words, but he knows the tune and how they're supposed to be sung.)

Deacon, is also caught up in it. The other evening he found a comb and started brushing my hair. As he brushed, he recited random lines from the movie. Zeke ran around in the background singing, "And then I brush, and brush, and brush and brush my hair!" Deacon also loves a good animal sidekick, and the chameleon from Tangled is no exception. Only, because Flynn calls the chameleon a frog on more then one occasion, and since he's not as familiar with chameleons as he is with frogs, Deacon likes to hop about pretending he is a frog. He's getting really good at it too.

Add to all of this the fact that Deacon requests I sing the songs from the movie a lot (at least, the segments of each song that I know - which really isn't very much). I have to work on learning more words to each song. Maybe if we watch it a few more times! Also, I set up the castle again at the boys' request. Only, it's not a castle anymore, it's now Rapunzel's tower.

They've also assigned "roles" to each of us. Zeke is Rapunzel, Deacon insists on being Mother Goethel, Josh and I are the king and queen, which leaves Finn to be Flynn. Zeke tried hard to convince Deacon to be Flynn, but Deacon just wouldn't hear of it. And finally, Zeke, who usually loves having his haircut because he likes to keep it short, has decided he doesn't want his haircut anymore because he wants it to be long like Flynn Rider's.

Oh! And the main "force" behind my cutting my hair the other week was that after watching Tangled the first time (or two), as well as Mulan, Zeke became insistant that I get my hair cut as well. Such funny kids with their funny whims. At least it's a movie that I love to watch over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again too.

*here's a link to the song zeke sings the different parts to TANGLED
the grass the dirt is at about the 55 second mark
running and splashing etc is at about the 1minute 15 second mark*


Annabug's Blog said...

Oh Anna would have so much fun playing Rapunzel with them. She's always making me be Flynn or Mother Gothel, who by the way she says gives her the willies.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Tangled!! I was so happy to read this post! But, of course, I'm always happy to read anything you write :) I miss you all SO much and I can't wait until you get back to Jersey and we can all watch Tangled together and hopefully I can play with the boys, if there's a character that hasn't yet been assigned lol.


JStar said...

Love this! My girls are obsessed with Rapunzel too! It's one of the few movies I don't mind seeing 30 million times with the girls!