12 May 2011

Mr. Mysterioso

I found these sunglasses the other day while cleaning up my bedroom some, and Deacon has been quite taken with them. He wore them pretty much all day the Saturday I found them, including while watching some TV and to speech.

When he wasn't wearing the glasses, and you could get a good look at his eyes, you'd see that, due to the 2 grey shirts he was wearing that day, his eyes had turned grey. They were so cool looking, I almost wished they would stay that color.

Nice, right?

I also tried another day of potty training with Deacon and decided (again) that he's just not mentally ready. Physically he is SO ready, but he just doesn't want to and so he won't. I even let him wear my fun socks as super cool leg warmers, but he just wouldn't do it.

The kid can hold it too. He didn't pee the first 4+ hours he was up. He finally got to the point where he was leaking little drops of pee here and there because he really couldn't hold it anymore. But he STILL refused to go. I sat him on the toilet and some trickled out, but once he got enough out, he stopped. And then sat there for 10 minutes. I know I need to be consistent with him and do it for a few days in a row, but I just don't have the energy for it. Maybe next week.

But probably not. **giggle**

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