20 May 2011

Three Cheers For Aunt Linda!

Last week (from last Thursday until this past Monday) Josh's sister, Linda, came to visit us. We had such a great time, even though Finn was a bit of a pill and would freak out if I moved more than 3 feet away from him while she was here. He did eventually warm up to her, you know, the day she was leaving. And while we mostly just hung around the house and went about our everyday lives with her here, we really did have a lovely time. Besides, it was nice being able to go out, without any kids, during nap times to get some things done. It was also nice having someone else around to put the kids in bed so I didn't have to on days I was just too worn out to walk down those stairs one more time.

Let's see...here's what we did while Aunt Linda was here:

We went to the library (did you know Aunt Linda used to be a librarian? true story):

I got my haircut during one of those glorious nap times (sorry it's blurry - silly phone photos - but trust me, it's super cute):

The boys had even more technology to play with (don't be too surprised if I announce the addition of an iPad2 to our family soon):

And we showed Aunt Linda some of our new favorite shows/movies - She-Ra and Care Bears:

Thank you SO much for coming to see us Aunt Linda! We can't wait to see you again in your part of the world.

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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun with all of you! I can't wait until you're closer and we can do it all again, much more frequently. Sam is super excited about meeting his cousins. :) Love you all much, much, much!

Aunt Linda