23 May 2011

Nature! Goulet.

It's been like Animal Planet up in here you guys.

It started with the moose in the back yard (not actually in our yard, but just on the other side of the fence). At one point there were 3 of them back there. A medium sized one, then a big momma and her calf. The momma kept chasing the other one further and further away so the calf could run about as it pleased. (Once the calf goes behind the tree you can stop the video, I tried to follow it to the other side, but got distracted by Zeke.)

It's been fun. Also fun, is when Peavey caught (and killed) a bird Saturday morning and brought it home for us. Who's a good hunter with his big, sharp claws? Peavey is! When Peavey dropped off the bird, Zeke asked if Peavey shot it. I had to explain then how cats catch birds using their claws and fangs. Zeke was impressed, then pointed out how the bird is now dead. Which is good he realized the bird was dead, because shortly after our conversation about the bird, Peavey ate the bird's head. Yeah. No other part of the bird was eaten, just the head. My cat is so weird sometimes.

(I guess I should clean the back door again.) Shortly after Peavey had killed the bird, I took the boys food shopping. As we were walking across the parking lot, Zeke said, somewhat matter-of-factly, "So. Peavey caught the bird." To which Decon replied in possibly the most excited voice ever, "AND THEN HE ATE THE HEAD!" My middle child is so weird sometimes. And I'm guessing that my kids are not going to be bothered by death much. At least, not when it comes to the animals living in our neighborhood. Or, the animals no longer living in our neighborhood, I guess I should say. I am so weird sometimes.


Michelle said...

You crack me up!

Nicole and Chris said...

We once found a pair of bird feet in our living room...just the feet, courtesy of Peavey. So gross, but so sweet all at the same time. A love offering, it's not like he can make crafts or anything ;). (or maybe he can?)