24 May 2011

A Good Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. The bigger boys asked to go out front to play, so I got them up a bit early from naps and took them out front while Finn continue to "rest". There was picking of berries (or bird grapes as Zeke started calling them yesterday):

There was picking of flowers (dandelions). There was "dirting the grass". Zeke remembered that all plants need dirt to grow, so he found some dirt and then sprinkled it all over the grass.

We were having such a good time, and the sun felt so glorious, that when Finn decided he was finished hanging out in bed, I brought him out too. He wasted NO time finding the dirt, and then eating the dirt. Unfortunately our front yard is a bit too steep for Finn's enjoyment. Still, he was happy sitting by the dirt for a good 45 minutes or so.

While the boys played, I worked. I got out the garden rake and started thatching the front yard. Here's what I got up after Round One (feel free to be impressed):

After I finished the yard work, I ushered the bigger boys into the backyard, and brought the baby inside. After 2 full hours of playing outside, I called the bigger boys in for dinner. (If you look closely in the next picture, you can *almost* see how dirty they got.) And since they were both fil-thy, we had a special treat of icepops after dinner.

Then it was time for baths, and She-Ra, and bed. All in all, it was a very good afternoon. A very good afternoon.

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Meagan said...

Sounds like one of those afternoons that you need to file away in your mind so that when all 3 boys are up barfing all night you can bring the memory back up and get through the night.