10 May 2011

Looking For Suggestions

Library season (for us) is here! I'm super excited, but somewhat overwhelmed and confused. So, I'm turning to you, dear readers, for book suggestions. What do/did you like reading with your kids/grandkids/nephews/nieces/neighbors/etc? Or what did you enjoy reading yourself as a kid? And if anyone has a book suggestion or two for me, I'll take those too!

I am working on a post about Finn, his likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, and all, but my computer got sick today so I had to shut it down until Josh can call and (hopefully) help me fix it. But I still have my phone with Internet capabilities so send along those book suggestions!

Until my computer is up and running again, I'll leave you with all 3 boys totally enthralled by Snow White:

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Michelle said...

Lots of Sandra Boyton and Dr. Seuss here. We also like the books "How do Dinosaurs...." and the Llama Llama books.